Low Cost High Performance Self / Water Lubricated  Bearings For Submersible Pumps.

Self / Water Lubricated Bushes Replaces - 
Rubber Cutlass Bearings, 
Bronze Bushes, 
Led Tin Bronze (LTB) Bushes, 
Glass Fill Teflon Bushes, 
Carbon Bushes, 
Carbon Fill Teflon Bushes.

Benefits :
• Dry running capabilities
• Run with close running clearance, give less vibration, long bearing & shaft life
• Successful self water lubricated Application in very abrasive working condition.
• Easy to Machine & Install
• Low wear & Low Friction

High Performance - Self / Water Lubricated Bearing for 

PR 18

VT, Submersible Pumps & Motors

NF 21/NF 22

A high performance material with excellent dry running performance at highloads. Low friction properties and wear rates are characteristic of this product. Can be used with lubricants.

* Abrasion Resistant, * Thermally Stable, * Can be Supplied as Split Bearings,

* Low Stick Slip, * Low Water Swell

PR18 & NF22 Self Water Lubricated Bushes Replaces - Rubber Cutlass Bearings, Bronze Bushes, Led Tin Bronze (LTB) Bushes, Glass Fill Teflon Bushes, Carbon Bushes, Carbon Fill Teflon Bushes.

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