Tenmat - Feroform Rudder Bearing 

FEROFORM PR18- Cost Effective Solution for Rudder Bearing

PR18 is fast becoming the material of choice for rudder bearings. FEROFORM PR18 is approved by all the major marine classification societies for rudder bearings up to a max load of 10Mpa.

Designed in response to market demands for a cost effective solution for rudder bearing applications, FEROFORM PR18 contains high performance resins and specially selected friction modifiers making it a stable and high wear resistant material. Wear test results show that FEROFORM PR18 provides up to 4 times more wear resistance than competitor materials which are also approved for rudder bearings.

With PTFE as part of its structure, FEROFORM PR18 has the lowest coefficient of friction of all FEROFORM PR grades, and this also helps minimise counterface material wear.

FEROFORM PR18 is excellent for many other marine applications including Steering Gear, Stern Rollers, Winches, Davits, Pump bearings and much more.