The Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (Smart ODME)has been designed to provide means of monitoring,recording and controlling the ballast discharge inaccordance with the requirements of MEPC 108(49). Discharge limits are set at 30 Litres per nautical mile and atotal discharge expressed as a proportion of the previouscargo for dirty ballast. The requirements of the MARPOL Convention are that all oiltankers with a gross tonnage of 150 GRT and above musthave an oil discharge monitoring and control system installed, incorporating an approved oil content meter, witha starting interlock and an automatic overboard valvecontrol system. The Smart ODME includes all componentsrequired to meet MEPC 108(49) and is designed for easeof installation and maintenance. The requirements in IMO Resolution MEPC 108(49) apply totankers with a date of keel laying or equivalent stage ofconstruction of 1st of January 2005 or later.

SmartSafe Bilge Overboard Security System

Demonstrate Marpol Compliance Cost Effective Prevention of illegal discharge Easy installation ‘plug n play’, low maintenance Capable of recording other miscellaneous ships data Compatible with all IMO Resolutions MEPC 107 (49) MEPC 60 (33) A393X Shore based event reports

OCD 50M Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor

A monitor designed to cater for the special conditions associated with high sample temperatures. This unit will detect oil in much smaller quantities great reliability and repeatability. Increased boiler protection from oil contamination. Applications Engine Cooling water. Boiler feed water Boiler condensate Fresh water monitoring Safe and hazardous area installations Features 2 versions A 0-10ppm B 0-200ppm External sample cell to keep high temperatures away from the electronic compartment. Sensitivity to provide a normal measurement range of 0-10 ppm. Display resolution of 0.1 ppm. High temperature optic cell glass and cell seals. Option of stainless steel wetted parts. Option of stainless steel housing. Autoclean. Germanischer Lloyd approved.


The OCD CM is the result of market research and development of new technologies to produce a monitor that exceeds the existing standards and meets the requirements requested by customers and operators worldwide. The OCD CM has been specifically designed to eliminate the effects that cause false instrument alarms where the water contains high levels of solid particulates. In particular the unit has been designed to ignore the presence of iron oxide, of which most bilges have a plentiful supply, and output only the true oil concentration. All this in a package that is 25% the size of the OCD 2M. The OCD CM also has built in diagnostic features and the ability to show the inspectors if the software has been tampered with. Additionally the unit runs through a self check diagnostic routine on power-up that ensures all parameters are within limits and activates the alarm relays at their prescribed set points. All user adjustable parameters are accessed from an easy to use pushbutton menu from the front of the unit.