Marine Applications Overview

Rivertrace Engineering Ltd produce a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships.
Ongoing development ensures Rivertrace products remain at the forefront of available technology and consistently push the boundaries of oil-in-water analysis.
Rivertrace has the solution to your environmental monitoring needs.


Smart 50M – Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor

Multiple optical sensors measures the combination of light absorbed and scattered by oil droplets in the sample stream. The sensor signals are read by a microprocessor which uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the concentration of oil and solids in the stream. The oil concentration is displayed on an alpha numeric display. A microprocessor drives a 4-20 mA current loop output which represents the concentration of oil. Two volt free alarms are driven when the oil concentration exceeds the set points. An Autoclean system is included to ensure the accuracy of the optical measuring system is maintained over extended periods of operation.

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IMO Resolution MEPC 107 (49) came into effect on 1st January 2005 and applies to all new installations of oil content monitors within engine room spaces. This applies to existing ships and ships whose keel is laid on of after 1st January 2005. The Rivertrace Smart-Cell Bilge Alarm meets the requirements of MEPC 107 (49) for monitoring of 3 oil types: Fuel Oil, Diesel and Emulsions. By utilising the Smart- Cell Detector Array Technology, technology developed by Rivertrace, the Bilge Alarm analyses all three oil types simultaneously without the need for re-calibration. A manual cell clean device is included as standard to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognised as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation of the manual clean device, the Smart-Cell remains in optimum operating condition.

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