Renewable Energies

FEROFORM T814 bearings are used in a variety of applications for renewable power such as main turbine shaft bearings and actuation linkages.

For wave and tidal power applications the ability to work well in an aggressive seawater environment is a key reason why designers choose FEROFORM T814.

Other applications include sliding pads and bushes in wind turbines.



FEROFORM T814 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

FEROFORM T814 has strength, durability, dimensional stability, low friction, and excellent wear characteristics. It has the ability to run both dry and wet with water lubrication making it extremely useful in Hydro and Marine applications.

In Hydro Electric Power applications FEROFORM T814 replaces traditional grease lubricated bearings to provide a "fit and forget" solution, promoting a cleaner environment whilst reducing operating costs.

Marine bearing applications for FEROFORM T814 include davits, stern rollers, winches, cranes and deck machinery.






T814  /  T11