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The FEROFORM range of materials has been developed by TENMAT to offer the design engineer the chance of replacing metallic, rubber and asbestos based materials with unique, non-asbestos, wearing and bearing composites capable of duplicating, and in some cases exceeding, the performance of asbestos composites.
FEROFORM materials possess strength, durability, dimensional stability and excellent wear characteristics besides exhibiting good resistance to attack by many chemicals.

The resins used have been selected for their good mechanical properties and high thermal and dimensional stability. Both organic and synthetic fibres employed for reinforcement of the resins have been selected from the many types available for their high modulus and stability in water and various chemicals.

The addition of selected friction modifiers such as PTFE (T814) or oil, graphite and molybdenum disuiphicte enhances the wear properties and life of the materials, enabling them to be operated at higher speeds and loads.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers identified a need for a self lubricating bearing material to replace its existing grease lubricating bronze bearings in some 300 large hydro-turbines in the USA when they corns up for rehabilitation. However, there was a lack of any detailed historical data regarding performance and life span, so an extensive laboratory test program was set up which simulated worst ease conditions, carried out at Powertech Labs in Vancouver, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, TENMAT FEROFORM T814 proved itself capable of operating in both dry and wet conditions of shaft misalignment or deflection underload. Extremely low wear rates indicating long life projection were recorded and the journal showed no sign of wear throughout the test.


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FEROFORM T814 Gate references and details

FEROFORM T814 is supurb high performance composite bearing material Ideal for Hydro Turbines, Radial Gates, Fixed Wheel Gates, Sliding Gates, Butterfly & Spherical Valves, Pumps etc.