Wear Parts for Horizontal and Vertical Pump Survival

GRAPHALLOY can be used for tough application problems. It is a self-lubricating, non-galling bearing material used by designers, reliability, and maintenance engineers.

GRAPHALLOY case rings and bushings allow pumps to survive repeated "run-dry" conditions, slow roll operation, and frequent stop/starts....conditions where metal and plastics fail.

GRAPHALLOY enables the pump to run dry and survive - restart or continue operating often without loss of performance or the need to replace the GRAPHALLOY parts. Plastics, such as PEEK, may enable a pump to run dry briefly without a catastrophic crash, but generally a rebuild of the pump will be required, including replacement of the thermoplastic parts. 

GRAPHALLOY has a wide temperature range with pump applications from cryogenic to 1000° F (540° C). Maintains clearances over entire operating range.

GRAPHALLOY bushings and case rings can improve the reliability and efficiency of your pumps. In horizontal and vertical pumps, non-galling GRAPHALLOY does not seize or gall if run dry or with marginal lubrication. The GRAPHALLOY fitted pump is able to survive upsets, dry running, loss of suction, slow roll on standby and other transient conditions that would damage a conventionally fitted pump.

Pumping low lubricity fluids, hydrocarbons, liquid gases or hot water can be especially difficult for a metal-on-metal pump; GRAPHALLOY solves the problem. Using GRAPHALLOY also allows closer clearances often gaining efficiency improvements, reduced vibration and reduced NPSH requirements.

Key Benefits:

Permits Dry Starts and Dry Running
Wide Temperature Range
Survives Frequent Suction Loss and Pulsation
Improves Efficiency
Reduces Vibration (permits closer fits)