FIREFLY Millboard

TENMAT FIREFLY Millboards are world's finest range of top quality non asbestos and non ceramic fibre millboard sheets for high temperature applications in all heat using industries.

Wet laid, clay bonded inorganic mineral fibre boards available in typically 1m x 1m square sheet format in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 12mm. All ranges possess high temperature capability, in excess of 1,000°C, and low thermal conductivity (K value), less than 0.1 W / mK, making them a first choice for thermal insulation applications.
At a density of typically 1,000 kg/m3 they are rigid, strong, and can be used in sheet form or cut to produce gaskets and seals.
They are all exonerated products in accordance with the European Directive 97/69 EC on Classification, Packaging, and Labeling of Dangerous Substances.

Various grades with unique properties are available for specific applications:

  * Roll coverings for lehr rolls in the float and flat glass processing (FF800)

  * Heathshields in molten metal casting (FF700)

  * Mould seals in spin casting of metal tubes and valves (FF900)

  * General gasketing in domestic appliances (FF700)

  * Sacrificial linings in primary aluminium melting pots (FF700)

  * Refractory back-up on furnaces (FF650)

  * High temperature gaskets and seals (FF650)

  * Heat shields (FF650)

  * Combustion chamber linings (FF650)

Fire Stop Blocks - Fire Pillow / Intumescent Pillow Alternative

TENMAT's Firefly 108 Fire Stop Block is a unique, compressible and fully intumescent alternative to traditional fire pillows.

The Fire Stop Block can be supplied in up to 1 metre lengths and can be cut to size on site. This ensures maximum flexibility and minimum wastage compared to intumescent fire stop pillows.

The material can be installed within and around various openings and electrical penetrations including cable trays, cable baskets and both PVC and steel electrical cable trunking where intumescent fire pillows are traditionally used.

The product is easily identified on site and can be added and removed as required making this an ideal option for both permanent and temporary fire protection applications.

This electrical firestopping solution provides up to 120 minutes fire integrity and insulation rating (EI120).

  Applications   Properties

  * Cable Baskets

  * Cable Trays

  * Electrical Cable Trunking

  * PVC Trunking

  * Steel Trunking

  * Electrical Services

  * Wall Openings

  * Alternative to Fire Pillows/Pillow

  * Alternative to Intumescent Pillows/Pillow

  * 2 Hour Fire Rating

  * Cost Effective

  * Can be cut to size

  * Minimum Wastage

  * One size suits all - simple to order and stock

  * Flexible

  * Easily Stackable

  * Easy to identify

  * Removable


Fire & Acoustic Switch Box Cover

TENMAT Fire and Acoustic Switch Box Covers are a cost effective and simple solution for protecting electrical switch and socket boxes when fitted in fire and acoustic rated walls.
The intumescent material fully encases the socket to provide an acoustic seal but in a fire situation it expands and seals the hole made for the sockets to limit fire spread.

The Switch Box Covers are pre-formed and can be installed in seconds without assembly or adhesives. The simple mechanical fix ensures the cover will not be damaged or removed if the socket is replaced or adjusted providing peace of mind for the installer.

Offering significant labour and cost savings over plasterboard lining or putty pad solutions, the Socket Box Covers are available to suit both single and double sockets.

   Applications Properties
  •  Electrical Socket Penetrations
  •  Fire Resistant Walls / Partitions
  •  Acoustically Rated Walls / Partitions
  • 2 Hour Fire Rated
  • Acoustic Rating
  • Fits in seconds
  • No adhesives, no mess
  • Simple mechanical fix


Cable Basket Fire Sleeves

TENMAT Firefly 108 Cable Basket Fire Sleeves are an intumescent solution providing fire and acoustic protection to cable baskets or trays when penetrating fire rated walls or floors.

The FF108 Cable Basket Sleeves are ready to install providing a quick and easy solution without the need for foams, sealants or pillows. The Sleeves provide an effective fire seal around both the cables and cable tray or basket.

The FF108 Cable Basket Sleeves are available for all common tray/basket sizes from 50mm up to 450mm and have been fire tested both with and without cables.

Applications Properties
  • Cable Tray / Basket penetrations
  • Fire Resistant Walls / Floors
  • Acoustically Rated Walls / Partitions
  • 2 Hour Fire Rated
  • Labour Saving
  • Cables can be added and removed
  • Full range of sizes
  • Dry system - no need for additional sealants


Fire Rated Cable Ports

TENMAT Fire Rated Cable Ports are a solution for fire rating small cable bunch penetrations in fire rated walls.
The plastic cable port is fitted with TENMAT's unique intumescent material that expands and seals the hole made for the cables in a fire situation.

The Fire Rated Cable Ports are quick to install and allow cables to be repeatedly added or removed.
In addition to offering up to 2 hours fire rating the Fire Rated Cable Ports also offer acoustic properties and a clean and tidy solution.

Applications Properties
  • Cable Penetrations
  • Permanent / Temporary Cabling
  • Fire Resistant Walls / Floors
  • Acoustically Rated Walls / Partitions
  • Fire Rated
  • Acoustic Properties
  • Cables can be added and removed
  • Clean & Tidy - no need for additional sealants


Firefly Fire Rated Ceiling Valve

The TENMAT Firefly Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves are a unique and cost effective alternative to air valves with fire dampers.


The TENMAT Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves are available in all sizes for both Extract & Supply. The Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves offer a fire rated solution where recessed ceiling air valves are to be installed in fire rated ceilings.


In a fire situation, the integral intumescent material rapidly expands to seal off the air valve and reinstate the fire resistance rating of the ceiling. This limits the risk of fire and heat spread throughout the building.


The Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valve is installed as normal with air flow through the air valve unaffected. The product also requires no maintenance unlike many fusible link fire dampers.


The Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves would be required in many domestic homes, as well as apartments, hotels and other multiple occupancy buildings where fire ratings exist.


Applications Properties
  • Fire Rated Ceilings
  • Domestic and Commercial Buildings
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Ceiling Air Valves
  • Air Valve Fire Dampers
  • Fire Tested for 60 Minutes
  • Significant Cost Savings over Fire Rated Dampers
  • Simple to install
  • Fully Integrated One Part Solution



Cable Basket Fire Sleeve     Data Sheet

Pipe Fire Sleeve BS & EN Fire Testing Data Sheet

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