FEROGLIDE bearings consist of a woven PTFE fabric with strengthening fibres applied to a metal backing. FEROGLIDE bearings are typically used in valves, hydro power equipment, lifting equipment and many other applications. Valve manufacturers value the FEROGLIDE stainless steel, duplex and Inconel 625 grades due to their high load carrying capability and chemical resistance.

FEROGLIDE bearings are supplied with a range of metal backings. These include inconel, duplex, stainless steel, carbon steel, and bronze. FEROGLIDE bearings are supplied as coiled bearings, thrust washers, and solid cylindrical bearings.

FEROGLIDE bearings:
Are self lubricating and operate without external lubrication.
Are free from stick slip, giving easy movement and operation.
Are composite in nature and do not have the cold flow tendencies of solid and filled PTFE resins.
Have high wear resistance giving long life.
Can operate at temperatures beyond the range of most lubricants -150 °C to +300 °C.
Are corrosion resistant so can be used with aggressive liquids such as sea water, gasoline, acids, detergent solutions, hydraulic oils, ammonium hydroxide, oils.
Are strong and can carry loads up to 420 N/mm2 for stainless steel and Inconel.
Have good dimensional stability and the capacity to be formed to close tolerances.

FEROGLIDE is a self lubricating bearing material applied to a rigid metal backing. FEROGLIDE bearings can withstand extremely high loads and temperatures, they are recommended for applications where low surface speeds are combined with high loads, for example in the Hydro Industry,Valve industry and General Mechanical Applications. 

FEROGLIDE material is manufactured at Tenmat Ltd and supplied as plain journal bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, glide-plates and glide-bars, foil and used to line special bearings according to customer specifications.


TENMAT Self Lubricating Bearings have been proved capable, in both laboratory testing carried out at Powertech Labs in Vancouver and in the most arduous pump storage installations, operating in both dry and wet conditions, with shaft misalignment and abrasive solids. Extremely low wear rates and friction coefficients, with no sign of journal wear indicate lifetimes exceeding those of greased bronze. TENMAT bearings are installed in Francis, Kaplan and Kaplan Bulb Turbines as well as many ancilliary pieces of water handling equipment. 

With it's material range TENMAT can offer the plant engineer a complete bearing service:

FEROFORM® T814 provides the flexibility often required in refurbishments, as a complete composite bearing which can be quickly delivered and machined in-situ or on site, adapting to problems of shaft and housing tolerancing or misalignment.

Our metal backed self lubricating bearings FEROGLIDE combine the uniqueness of composites with the high accuracy and strength of metallic bearings and gives the precision and exactness for new build or repair, it comes with 30 years operating experience in the field and is fitted in over 1,500 turbines.


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