FEROFORM - Proven Technologies for Water – Lubricated Propeller Shaft & A Bracket Bearing. 

FEROFORM is brand name of Tenmat Ltd. UK manufacturers of Advanced Materials Composites. 

FEROFORM is Self / Water Lubricated Bearings widely used in Marine Industries.

FEROFORM is composite material made out of Cured Phenolic Resin Matrix Reinforced with Woven Synthetic Fibre Cloth. It has some unique advantages like - 

• Reduced operating costs
• Reduced bearing lenght
• Improved reliability
• Reduced maintenance
• Higher performance
• High strength to weight ratio 
• Very low water swell
• Very low shaft & bearing wear 
• Very Low Co-efficient of Friction - 0.04 to 0.08 
Easy to Handle & Fit.

FEROFORM T14 is the Commercial marine bearing product and is fully approved with all the major marine classification societies. This specialized engineering product is currently being successfully sold to a number of shipyards and propulsion manufacturers - for both repair and new build projects (references are available upon request).

FEROFORM T12 is the Naval marine bearing product and is fully approved with a number of worldwide Navy establishments.