Hoses and Deck Equipment

Victor Marine offer an extensive range of tank washing, layflat and air hoses plus other accessories, offering both industry standard threads as well as quick acting connections, most of which are ex-stock. In most cases, hose sets can be assembled and tested for immediate despatch.

Tank Washing Hose - Black with VP logo.
• Neoprene with Styrene Butadiene rubber (SBR) liner.
• Electrical continuity is ensured by twin braided Stainless
Steel wires. All hoses are fully tested prior to despatch. 
• Available in 38mm and 50mm nominal bore and a
maximum length of 50 metres.

Layflat Hose - Red Heavy Duty Supply and Blue Medium Duty Exhaust.
• Reinforced woven polyester encased in polyurethane 
• internal and external liner.
• Available in 38mm and 50mm nom bore and a maximum 
• length of 50 metres.

Air Supply Hose - Black.
Neoprene rubber reinforced with multiple rayon braids.
Available in 19mm and 25mm nominal bore.

Deck Equipment 
Hose Saddle
• Lightweight aluminium alloy comprising of saddle, deck plate, hose guide and positionipg clamp. Optional choice of base plate sizes and materials - standard size 318mm. Epoxy coated for protection.
• For easy handling of tank cleaning hoses and longevity in use.
• Weight 7kg.

Connections and Spanners
•We stock an extensive range of hose connections, hose couplings, hose spanners and deck valve adaptors, mostly with •BSP threads.
Hose spanners are manufactured from non-sparking materials for complete safety.

Hose Reel
• Designed as a complete tank washing station. Galvanised steel frame for strength, accepts 33mm of 50mm rubber tank washing hose, complete with hose roller and brake. Fitted with bronze deck ccjyer (height adjustable) and wheels for total manoeuvrability.
• For safety, the unit is supplied with an automatic vacuum relief valve, full earth wire connection and safety ratchet.


Air Ducting
• Heavy duty spiral wound PVC coated, flexible fabric ducting. Produced in standard 275mm diameter nominal bore or special purpose diameters and lengths. These ducts are suitable for both supply and exhaust mode operation; 
• Specially designed for marine "hazardous areas"; 
• Various mild steel galvanised flanges or optional Stainless " Steel (AISI 316) to suit both deck opening and VP gas freeing fans; 
• Outlet ducts are available in many sizes ex-stock.

Fan Trolley
• Manufactured in a lightweight tubular construction, this trolley is available to ease the transportation of the fans in* restricted areas. Complete with durable wheels and a fan retaining strap for added protection.

Portable Vent Stacks
These are manufactured from durable galvanised Mild Steel to a height of 2m for compliance with SOLAS Chapter 59 paragraph 2, which specifies a discharge exit velocity of 30m/sec at 2 metres above deck level. This requirement is adequately met when using the VP1350W and VP1500WS for gas freeing operations.


VP Water Gun and Tripod
• A powerful water gun with low recoil for rapid cleaning of deck and bulk cargo holds.
• Suitable for use on a wide range of Bulk Carriers. 
• Lightweight maintenance free construction. 

Performance Specification
• Offering effective jet lengths of up to 25m (82ft) and water throw of 30m (98ft).
• Effective use of water throughput between 12-18 m3/hr (53 - 80 US gal/min) at 4 kgVcm (58psi).
• Minimum air requirement of 3 m3/min at 7 kg/cm2 (105 cuft/min at 98 psi).


Nozzle Configuration
• Integral Venturi introduction of air to increase water force & throw. 
• Ideally suited for low water pressure - 4 kg/cm2 (98psi). 
• Maintenance free and ultra lightweight of an aluminium construction.
Supply Connection
• Water Inlet via 2" BSP male threaded connection. 
• Air Supply via a 2 lug EU "Q" type claw coupling. 
• Integral air supply ball valve fitted as standard.
• Various connections and hose supply lengths available.